Orbital Bullet is a stylised roguelike game that features 360 degrees of sand-to-sand combat, currently in Steam’s Early Access program. The developers have just announced that not only will it be getting a brand new update but it will be coming out of early access very soon.

Those who have played games like Resogun will be familiar with the unique format of this game, as you move around a circular arena with procedurally generated enemies gunning for you. Projectiles and attacks travel around this arena, making it an interesting format, one that you need to see in action to appreciate.

Key Features of the Upcycling Update:

  • A Whole New World: Scrapyard, as its name suggests, is a desert biome filled with discarded cyborgs, robots, and you guessed it…scrap. Exploited by the Dread Corporation’s greed, the planet is now a scorched wasteland where unbridled peril awaits.
  • New Enemies on the Horizon: Blast and burn your way through a barrage of new enemy encounters, including the Desert Crawler, the Dread Corp Flamethrower Unit, Spike Tires, and more
  • Setting the Stage: Five unique, hand-painted cutscenes have been added on the first kill of each boss, giving more story context
  • A Growing Skill Tree: Recent branches have sprouted, including Shop Rerolls, Extended Merchant Supply, and Lucky One

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