Ever wanted to run the Café of your dreams, but didn’t want to do all that real-life hard work associated with it? In that case, Espresso Tycoon is the game for you, letting you fulfil your dreams from the comfort of your PC.

The game looks to be jam-packed full of immersive mechanics that let you not only run your establishment but also micro-manage the business and preparation side of things, with a library of characters that will provide both challenge and relief to the gameplay.

The sound of the coffee machine, the unique aroma of coffee grounds… in your own café! Jump into a world full of hardcore management, picky customers, and fierce competition! Build your coffee business from a small place into a whole empire!

The developers are currently looking for playtesters on the official Steam Page, giving players a unique opportunity to try an exclusive demo of the game whilst helping shape the game with constructive feedback.

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