Update 05/01/2022: The director’s cut for PC is now official and the steam page is now live.

Original Story:

Whilst it is not really a surprise, seeing how the original version came to the PC half a year after its initial console release, it is good to get confirmation from a reliable source.

In a leaked statement that VideoCardz has managed to get their hands on, Intel mentioned that its proprietary upscaling solution XSS will be coming to Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, an alternative to Nvidia’s excellent DLSS tech. Unlike DLSS, XSS won’t require a specific brand of graphic card and will be brand agnostic.

If we had to guess the release date for Director’s Cut on PC, it would make sense for it to release around March this year, lining up with leaked Nvidia games list, as well as the typical 6-month exclusivity window previously held by the original release. Here’s hoping for a cheap upgrade path for existing owners.

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