Developer Hexagon Games and Publisher Assemble Entertainment are happy to reveal that survival city-builder Sphere – Flying Cities has just gotten a hefty update, improving the overall gameplay experience and adding more content.

The update, aptly named “Industry and Pollution,” introduces a whole new mechanic to the engaging city-builder-meets-survival-game, allowing players to regulate the air within the biosphere, along with several shiny new structures to take care of the problem. After all, when you have a bustling metropolis safely ensconced in a giant protective dome, miles up in the atmosphere, ensuring your citizens can breathe clean air is a rather high priority.

Key Features of Sphere – Flying Cities in Early Access: 

  • A City in the Clouds: Construct your city with numerous retro-futuristic buildings, utilize the resources available from the unique sky-vironment, and send out drones to harvest (sometimes rare!) resources and repair buildings to keep everyone’s head in the clouds
  • The Sky’s the Limit: The anti-gravity device and its deflector-shield are the only things protecting the city from (un)natural disasters; maintaining it means the difference between life and certain doom
  • For the Greater Good: Assuring the safety of your city’s denizens is of paramount importance — tend to their needs by supplying food, healthcare, and shelter, as well as undergoing rescue missions. However, keep in mind that you won’t be able to save every building – nor every colonist.
  • Write Your Own Story: Each decision you make, turn you take, and building you create chronicles your own narrative in this compelling near-apocalypse scenario. Define your experience by the paths you follow and determine how your city’s story ends

Sphere – Flying Cities is currently available on Steam Early Access with a 20% discount available until the 22nd of December when the Christmas sales start.

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