KEO is an action-packed game with vehicular combat that seems to be a blend between Mario Kart and Twisted Metal. Compared to similar games, what’s interesting about this one is that it is team-based.

KEO will see players face off against each other in two different 3v3 game modes, designed to test their skills in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Deathmatch mode tasks drivers with scoring the most points through taking down opponents, while Domination sees players battle to claim outposts across the map.

Key features of KEO:

  • Heart-pumping vehicle-to-vehicle combat: Put pedal to the metal to blast through opponents and secure victory in 3v3 matches, whether you’re a casual cruiser or a hardened gamer.
  • Two fierce game modes: Deathmatch and Domination await those who are brave enough to enter the battlefield, with an extra mode to come. 
  • Expand and upgrade: From weapons to cosmetics, each vehicle can be personalised and upgraded to deliver flair and ferocity.
  • Multiple vehicles: There are many war machines of all shapes and sizes to utilise on the battlefield, varying in abilities, speed, and armor, and more vehicles to come. 

It is refreshing to see a team-based vehicle combat game, especially one that seems to be trying out interesting modes usually only seen in shooters.

KEO will be available via Steam Early Access later today. During Early Access, KEO will see regular additions to its content including maps, vehicles, weapons, and an extra game mode, as well as features like ranking and spectator mode.

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