Tired of boring old humans in rogue-like combat games? Well then, The Crackpet Show is the game for you, which lets you play as mutated animals fighting tooth and tail for fame and glory.

Key Features of The Crackpet Show Include:

  • Randomized Rogue-lite Action: Tons of enemies, items, and randomized drops and level layouts that test your ability to wreak havoc and put on a show! 
  • Variety is the Spice of Life: Ricocheting bullets. A gun that spews molten lava. Berserker rage. Dozens of weapons and perks mean endless destructive combinations!
  • Violent Delights: It’s cute, colorful, and bloody — everything you love about gory, old-school cartoons! Rabbits and railguns are quite the pair, aren’t they? 
  • Play Together, Kill Together: The whole game is playable in co-op (shared screen, Steam Remote Play) with up to four players. Crushing gigantic bosses can only bring you and your friends closer together, right?

The game will be released through Steam’s Early Access program, letting you potentially help shape the game through early play and feedback.

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