Before We Leave is a city-building game where you are tasked with settling down survivors who have emerged years after an apocalyptic event. It was originally released on the PC, and I fell in love with it due to its simplicity and vibrant charm.

The great news is that it will be available on Xbox later today, giving console gamers a chance to build the apocalyptic city of their dreams. What makes this unique as mentioned before, is that it doesn’t fit into the nitty-gritty post-apocalypse stereotype, and is pleasantly vibrant, with a welcoming gameplay loop.

Before We Leave Key Features

  • Expand the Horizons: From a lowly settlement to a sprawling civilisation of Peeps, players will need to traverse mountains, forests, oceans, and the depths of space to explore, build, and thrive
  • Tremendous Tech: As players progress, they can research technology to better their civilisation, including sailing, industry, trade, and more
  • Keep the Peeps Happy: Running a settlement is no small feat; players will need to keep track of their Peeps’ happiness alongside food, resources and pollution levels
  • A Whole New World: With six unique biomes filled with resources and mysterious relics, players must utilise the land and plan their settlements accordingly
  • Award-winning Soundtrack: Benedict Nichols (OmnoThe Falconeer) and James Dean of Ākau Audio compose a soundscape fit for any benevolent leader, winning ‘The Composed Segment’ Pav award for excellence in audio

It is now available for both purchase, and as part of the Game Pass subscription at no extra cost on Xbox. Those interested in the PC version should wait for the Steam Autumn sale, which will be starting tomorrow, discounting the game by 40% to £9.59/€10.79/$11.99.

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