A bunch of images were shared on ArtStation recently, ones that showcased some amazing concept art for Project Sabbath, what was meant to be a sequel to the Arkham Games by WB Montreal.

The things that really stand out with these are the character images, especially with an Old Batman (presumably Bruce in his later years) with Damian Wayne taking on the mantle after him.

The enemies look interesting as well, as we see a Poison Ivy with shorter hair and a costume redesign. There is a good chance that it would be a brand new Poison Ivy, as Spoiler Alert, we saw Ivy die by inhaling Scarecrow’s toxin to save millions of people.

Gorilla Grodd stands out as well, and it would have been interesting to see Batman go against one of DC’s smartest villains. Black Mask seems to be a new character as well, which makes sense considering we saw Red Hood kick Sionis through a window last in the DLC.

I am interested in Gotham Knights, but I would have loved another freeflow game with Arkham ties over the upcoming Live-Service type games. I understand Gotham Knights isn’t technically live service, but a lot of elements present are usually seen in similar games, with attack-sponge enemies that force you to attack and ability spam. The freeflow addition would have brought much-needed variety in today’s action-RPG dominated landscape.

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