Overpowered Team’s Ruin Raiders blends XCOM and Diablo with an anthropomorphic twist, letting you command and customize a team of animal adventurers as they undertake a one-way journey into an ancient, ever-shifting civilization in search of long-lost fortunes.

Traverse through an endless labyrinth and ruins, avoiding peril at every turn against an onslaught of enemies, face off in turn-based tactics combat, exploiting enemy weaknesses and blindspots to claim the ultimate treasure.

Utilize units in turn-based tactics combat where positioning and using your Animal-specific abilities are essential to surviving tense encounters. As you explore, you can acquire blueprints to craft weapons and stat-enhancing attachments before diving deeper into the ruins.


  • Procedurally Generated and Highly Replayable: You never play the same game twice
  • Tactical Combat Manage military squads in turn-based ground battles on a no-return journey.
  • 100+ Items:Unique weapons, grenades & accessories that you can loot, craft, and equip.
  • Enemies & Bosses: Tons of enemies on each floor plus unique bosses along the way.
  • Improve & expand your base to achieve powerful upgrades for your characters.
  • Unlockable Raider Classes, Abilities, races and upgrade your races abilities to deepen yourself further into the ruins.
  • Upgradeable Weapons and Units as you Craft your own equipment and level up your raiders.

Ruin Raiders is now available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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