Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond has not been a particularly great experience on the PC, with the system requirements and price tag keeping a lot of people away. It is a shame, since the game itself looked fun, and it is why we are glad that it is coming to the Quest 2 as a native app.

Medal of Honor will be available exclusively for the Quest 2 and will not be compatible with the first generation headset. It will feature all content from the PC version of the game, which also means that it will be one of the largest games on the Quest 2, requiring 40-45GB worth of space.

A release date has not yet been confirmed, but Oculus Quest games tend to launch shortly after their announcement. Those who already own the game on PC via the Oculus store will get the native Quest 2 version for free, which will retail for $40 instead of the original’s $60 at launch.

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