Planet Zoo’s animal roster will be increasing yet again, this time bringing some popular animals from the North American region, including the highly requested Beaver and Moose.

From dry grassland to snowy mountains, Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack brings eight highly-requested animals from across North America to the game. This includes seven mesmerising habitat animals: The industrious American Beaver, with its long front teeth and paddle-shaped tail; the towering and majestic Moose; the sleek and smart California Sea Lion; the shy and solitary Cougar; the enormous American Alligator; the highly-sociable Black-tailed Prairie Dog; and the elusive yet adorable Arctic Fox.

It is now available alongside the 1.7 version update, and comes with a brand new scenario to play. It is available for £7.99 / $9.99 / €9.99. It requires the base game in order to be used. 

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