In Rogue Lords, you play as the devil, who was defeated by demon hunters several years ago. To regain your power, your disciples – nine evil geniuses who have signed a pact with you – must seek out some legendary artefacts.

To defeat your enemies, you must use your diabolical powers to cheat, in exchange for some of your Diabolic Essence. But be careful! If you use up all your essence, your run will end. During each run, you will build a team of three Disciples, progress through the game on a 3D map and choose the events you want to trigger. This includes: 

  • Turn-based combat in which your Disciples will face the Demon Hunters and the Sanctua Lumen
  • Interactive events in which you choose the best way to give mortals excellent reasons to fear you
  • Encounters with the Grim Reaper, who will trade new relics and skills for the souls you have collected

Rogue Lords will be available today for PC, via Epic Games Store and Steam with the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch version coming next year.

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