Earth From Another Sun is an upcoming action game being called an open-galaxy RPG, where players can explore, scavenge and lead armies through massive battles with powerful weapons.

From the announcement trailer, the massive battles do stand out and look to be a potentially interesting addition. Surprisingly, we don’t get large scale battles in a lot of single-player blockbuster RPGs, so it’s exciting to see Earth From Another Sun attempt it.

Combat isn’t the only way to establish dominance. Earth From Another Sun’s sandbox galaxy simulation allows for all manner of playstyles. Buy low and sell high to establish a premier trading empire, investing profit into even bigger hauls. Go treasure hunting in forgotten corners of the galaxy to secure untold loot or become a criminal mastermind to gain an edge.

It will be curious to see if Multiverse(dev) can tackle the ambition they’ve laid out before us, as whilst it all sounds really great on paper, the execution might require a lot of effort to get right.

Earth From Another Sun will get a free demo as part of Steam’s Next Fest this Thursday, giving players a taste of the intended experience. It will be initially available via Steam’s Early Access program next year, with a release on the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S to follow in 2023.

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