Level Zero lets players take on the role of humans or monsters as both fight to stay alive onboard a space station, albeit in different ways. Whilst the humans can bring the light system back online to repel the invaders, the monsters must kill the humans with the help of different powers before they can do so.

Players will be able to jump into the early access version of the game soon, but the full version will include new maps, enhanced male and female characters, gameplay improvements and much more!

Full version features:

  • New character animations
  • Leaderboards
  • Skins for monsters and human survivors
  • Many new telepathic possibilities for monsters to choose from
  • Improving user interface, menu, lobby
  • New survival gadgets for humans
  • More possibilities of interaction with the station environment
  • New ambitious “survival” mode for a larger number of players, where survivors will need to stock up on provisions for survival, block station sectors to repair them, build checkpoints and defend them from the monsters. Monsters will have to eat the corpses of people to survive, reproduce and break the station electronics in all sorts of ways.

Level Zero will be coming to Steam Early Access on the 17th of September.

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