After having listened to Jakob Eisenbach’s original soundtrack to Tikal: Night of The Blood Moon, I can easily call it an eclectic mix of haunting melodies and adventurous progression.

Tikai is an on-location VR experience, letting players journey into the depths of a forgotten temple, where an ancient entity has recently awoken. The haunting but adventurous music Jakob has written fits well within the context and makes me wish that I could take part in the TrueVR experience myself.

The behind the scenes video showcases the considerations taken with the music, to ensure that it made the overall experience immersive, unique to a VR environment. They used epic-sized orchestras to achieve this, heightening the moments of tension and discovery.

The closest parallel I can draw to the music is perhaps Jason Grave’s work on the Tomb Raider trilogy, which in itself is high praise! So, if you are a fan of soundtracks that mix tribal percussions with haunting vocals, then do not miss out on this! 

The original soundtrack is now available on Spotify, featuring 9 original tracks that add up to 13 minutes of runtime, making it an exciting listen on a break or even a brisk walk. The TrueVR experience itself is available in a handful of locations, with more coming down the line.

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