Mortal Shell is going to get even tougher with the addition of the brand new Rogue-Like mode which is introduced through the Virtuous Cycle DLC. Impressively, the developers are giving it away completely free until the 25th of August.

Scattered across the land are pillars that will bestow new talents for you to inherit. With more than 100 new abilities to discover and combine together – from exotic weapon enhancements to entirely new combat manoeuvres – players are free to create and develop their very own combat style.

The premium DLC ($7.99 / €6.99 / £6.99) is now avaialble across PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG.COM. It is currently free to keep, if you download it before the 25th of August.

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