After its initial release on Oculus Quest and rift platforms, the VR version will soon be coming to Steam and Playstation VR, giving more players an immersively harrowing adventure, where danger lurks around every corner.


  • Environments have been redesigned for more interactivity
    • Objects to catch, throw, or stack on top of each other 
    • A marker to draw on paper and other objects
    • Drawers, doors, gates, and car trunk open at a touch
    • Breaking branches 
    • Operation of mechanical elements: handles, buttons, opening locks with a key, padlock codes, etc…
  • New control system 
  • New sounds and in-game events to surprise and scare the player.
  • Additional creature encounters

As you can see from the additions above, the VR version of Blair Witch is the definitive way to play the game. It will be available on Steam and Playstation VR later today, and be on the lookout for our review early next week!

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