Godfall is finally available on the Playstation 4, letting those with last-gen consoles experience the game. The Fire and Darkness expansion has also just become available on all platforms, bringing along brand new content.


  • Godfall, including the Lightbringer Update, and all previous updates to the game
  • Cross-gen play, allowing PS4 and PS5 players to play cooperatively in both campaign and endgame content
  • Free upgrade path for PS4 players once they transition to PS5
  • Fire & Darkness expansion
  • Ascended Edition includes three gold variant cosmetics, five weapon cosmetics, coop banner, gold shield variant, custom multiplayer lobby nameplate, orange Vertigo variant, as well as access to the Fire & Darkness expansion
  • MSRPDeluxe Edition $59.99, Ascended Edition $69.99

Godfall is a loot-slasher where players take control of powerful armours and weapons, each with their distinct playstyle. It is now available on the Playstation 4, with the expansion also out on the PC and Playstation 5.

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