With the rumours running around, many fans were hoping that we’d finally get a new Nintendo Switch model, with DLSS support that would make it possible to play games at 4K. However, that’s not the case with the newly announced model, which comes with its own set of improvements.

The newly announced Switch model will come with an OLED screen, a marked upgrade from the current offering’s LCD. OLEDs are generally more accurate with blacks with support for a better contrast range, which makes the colours more vibrant in hand-held mode.

The new model also comes with a wider stand, which is a welcome improvement over the original’s flimsy stick. The new stand also allows you to adjust the angle on desktop mode, which explains one of the reasons why Nintendo went with OLED, as it has better viewing angles compared to an LCD.

It will also include an inbuilt LAN port on the dock, allowing for a wired connection when playing on the TV. Futhermore, digital space will become less of an issue with the newer models, as they come with 64gb inbuilt storage.

As this is an improvement over the original model and not the lite version, docking and other iconic features are still present. It will be available for purchase on the 8th of October for $349.99. Be sure to check out more details on its official page.

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