Kingdom of the Dead has just been revealed, an action FPS where the visuals look straight out of a black and white comic book, drawn with ink and white pen. It is inspired by classic shooters and features objectives and challenges that they were known for.

Players take on the role of agent Chamberlain, a professor turned Army General who wages a war against death himself. Chamberlain takes on the newly empowered army of the dead with the help of a secret government program called Gatekeepers.

 Features of Kingdom of the Dead

  • Unique black & white, hand drawn visuals.
  • Classic FPS gameplay with different objectives at each difficulty level.
  • Hunt the undead hordes across remote locations along the US East Coast.
  • Equip 8 weapons and go toe to toe with over 22 undead enemies and face old school bosses.
  • Switch up your gameplay experience with a customizable colour palette and cheat code access. 
  • Test your mettle and face off against a never-ending onslaught in the endless gameplay mode.

Kingdom of the Dead can be wishlisted on Steam, and the game itself will be available early 2022.

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