GTFO‘s rebirth update which released earlier this year is getting extended with five new expeditions (for a total of thirteen) and a new time-limited horde objective. The developers are also hard at work getting the game ready for a 1.0 release later this year.

GTFO Rebirth://EXTENDED Update Key Features:

  • [New in Rebirth://EXTENDED] EXPEDITIONS EXTENDED — Can you master, let alone survive, all thirteen expeditions included in the Rebirth://EXTENDED update? Show The Warden what you’re made of.
  • [New in Rebirth://EXTENDED] EXPENDABLE — The Warden is curious to see how well prisoners react to constant stimulation and the threat of death. Can you survive a full 30-minutes of wave after wave of gruesome monsters? Do it for science. 
  • [Added in Rebirth Rundown] New Environment: Floodways — Mother Nature has met her match with The Warden. Plantlife has been allowed to propagate in the new Floodways sector of The Complex, but so have new nightmares and obstacles. You’ll need a steady trigger finger as opposed to a green thumb to survive here.
  • [Added in Rebirth Rundown] New Enemy: Spawner — Keep your eyes forward and also up. Spawners reside on ceilings, giving birth to monsters even in rooms already previously cleared. 
  • [Added in Rebirth Rundown] Booster Implants — Collect artifacts during the Rundown and offer them to The Warden for a prize: an injection of “special” liquid into your brain that boosts abilities. Booster Implants carry to additional Rundown playthroughs even if killed, offering players additional incentive to progress. 

GTFO is a hardcore multiplayer co-operative shooter, where players have to work with each other in order to face escalating waves of challenging enemies, controlled by an elusive warden. It is currently available on Steam through the early access program, with a planned release later this year.

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