Eternal Starlight is a unique RTS where players control a commander preparing for an alien invasion! In it, players have a limited time to gather allies and equip their ships for an incoming alien invasion who are looking to destroy their starbase.

The game seems to make good use of the perspective afforded by VR, letting you move freely around the battlefield and observe ships and units up close. Players will be given special weapons crucial in determining the outcome of critical moments in battle.

Features include:

  • Full hand tracking support on Quest
  • Estimated six hours of gameplay 
  • 28 missions
  • Campaign with 3 difficulty modes (easy, medium, hard)
  • Skirmish mode to battle it out with any ships you choose
  • Room-scale, standing or seated play offers comfortable locomotion options
  • 6 unlockable starting loadouts for 2 different flagships.

So, put on your headset and get ready to take on an alien invasion, as Eternal Starlight is now available for PCVR via Steam and natively on Oculus Quest.

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