Yoshio Sakamoto finally revealed Metroid Dread to the public, which brings the series back to its 2D roots, including brand new mechanics and improvements to the iconic gameplay. It was revealed during Nintendo’s E3 event.

Metroid Dread follows Samus Aran as she explores a massive interconnected planet. Throughout her journey, she will gather brand new abilities and fight various alien foes as players use mechanics such as free-aim and melee attacks to take on the threats.

They also seem to have taken stealth concepts from modern horror games as Samus will be pursued by several E.M.M.I. robots that are not easy to kill, encouraging you to run and hide instead.

Sakamoto mentioned that “The series has chronicled the uncanny relationship between these Metroids and the heroine Samus, but this game will mark an end to that story arc…”, which has made us curious about what might happen. 

Metroid Dread will release on the Nintendo Switch on October 8th

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