Rainbow Six Extraction, after much teasing, has been adequately revealed at Ubisoft’s Forward E3 2021 event, complete with a gameplay trailer and release date. Extraction spices up the formula of the tactical shooter where instead of players taking on each other, they will have to team up against an alien parasite called Archean.

Thankfully, the gameplay showed that this isn’t your standard zombie palette swap, as the slow-paced tactical gameplay Rainbow Six is known for has been considered for this new scenario. There is a focus on stealth, strategy, and creative use of the environment and your operators’ gadgets to take down enemies as you complete round-based objectives with up to two other players.

What was also intriguing is that Extraction will feature a more tier-based rogue-like structure than the main game, as your operators are now at risk of being captured. Once captured, they can’t be played again until you’ve rescued them in a subsequent mission.

Similar to games like Left 4 Dead, the missions are split between different areas/zones with a safe house in between, allowing you to regroup and resupply before continuing. However, here you get the choice to either continue playing for more rewards or extract with the XP you have already accumulated.

I found the presentation promising, as it looks like they have put a lot of consideration into adapting their mechanics for this setting, so let’s hope it lives up to its potential! The game will have 18 operators and 12 different maps at launch and will be available on the 16th of September, 2021, for the PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S

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