Prime Matter, the newly revealed publishing Label and Massive Work Studio, have shown a new glimpse at their oppressive Sci-fi action RPG Dolmen which met its kick-starter goal in 2018. Dolmen aims for a Dead Space inspired cosmic horror vibe rather than the gothic aesthetic present in the Souls games. 

As you explore this terrifying new world, you will face various enemies and bosses that are as alien and unfathomable as the location they inhabit, a bizarre mix of Technology, Plant-life and organic matter like nothing seen on earth. It features a mix of crafting, shooting and stamina based melee combat that evolves as you progress, trying out different playstyles.

False promises lead you to the forgotten planet of Revion Prime as you attempt to investigate its past and future, which will help you shed light on the darkest secrets of the universe that no mortal man should come to learn.

Dolmen will launch in late 2021 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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