Originally released for the Apple Arcade, the relaxing flight game, Lifeslide will be coming to Steam, bringing along its charming world and interesting flight mechanics. It will feature revamped levels and improved systems, making it much more than just a simple port to PC.

No narration, no texts. The story is implicitly told through the environment. Dive deep to find the meaning or simply enjoy an atmospheric experience – this is your journey and you decide what to make of it. Along the way, an original score that combines electronic, rock and orchestral elements will keep you company.

With the jump to Steam, Lifeslide’s experience is evolving in several ways:
• Entire stages are remade from scratch
• Refined gameplay
• Upgraded Zen Mode
• Improved user experience

• Experience 28 procedurally generated stages of life in Story mode.
• Customize and replay your favorite moments in Zen mode.
• Weekly challenges
• 6+ paper planes with different styles of play.
• Original score combining electronic, rock, and orchestral elements.
• Full controller support

The game can now be wishlisted on Steam and will be available on the 8th of August.

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