Sci-Fi Noir Adventure Lacuna is out today, utilising a branching narrative where every choice made by the player has potential to change the dark mystery’s outcome. While on the surface the game appears to follow the tropes of the tried-and-true point-and-click blueprint, Lacuna does away with cumbersome mechanics like repeating dialogue options, counter-intuitive puzzles, pixel hunting, and interruptive story breaks.

Instead, the game uses WASD/controller controls, permanent changes to the plot based on the player’s choices, story-driven mysteries, optional interactive elements, multiple endings, and a deep, complex story that revolves entirely around the player’s actions.

Key Features Include: 

  • A System-Wide Conspiracy: What seems like a simple, albeit high-profile murder is just the tip of the conspiracy iceberg, as one death leads to another and the body count begins to rise
  • Die-alogue for Days: The crux of any investigation is conversation. Chat with a wide cast of unique NPCs with an extensive dialogue system where each interaction can reveal something new and the discourse doesn’t repeat.
  • Choices Have Consequences: What players say and do will impact an ever-evolving story that forces them to make tough decisions and live with the outcome. With multiple unique endings, each player’s experience will be unique and the answers at the end of the investigation will vary depending on the steps and decisions they make along the way.

Lacuna is now available on Windows PC via Steam for £12.39 / €15.99 with a 15% launch discount. In addition to the standard edition, Assemble is also releasing a ‘Save The World’ edition on Steam for £20.49 / €25.99 USD, where 10% of the proceeds go to GoGiveOne. GoGiveOne was founded by the WHO Foundation and collects donations to provide COVID-19 vaccines for countries that cannot procure them.

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