I am not sure what has happened to the Rainbow Six franchise, and at this point I am too afraid to ask with sports-arena-like competition events and Pickle Rick skins for some reason being part of the R6 universe.

However, the recently started Apocalypse Event at least seems to be more faithful to the tactical experience of Siege, putting a unique spin on the classic Outback mode, with a clash between attackers and defenders over a precious commodity.

The new game mode, Canister, will have players fight as The Keepers (Defenders) or The Warband (Attackers) for the last remaining plant on Earth. Defenders can move the canister containing the plant around the map, while the Attackers can activate specific scanner rooms to detect defenders as they roam through the rooms.

The main objective of the Attacking side is to defuse the canister transporting the plant. On the Defending side, Operators must protect the canister until time runs out to win. Last but not least option to secure the win is to get rid of the opposing team entirely. Who will hold the key to humanity’s new future?

The Apocalypse event comes with its own Collection of 35 items featuring Fuze, Gridlock, Maverick, Nomad, Twitch, Maestro, Melusi, Rook, Smoke and Valkyrie. Players will have access to personalised headgears, weapon skins and uniforms. Each Operator’s exclusive, time-limited customisation items are available for purchase as Bundles in the Shop section for 1680 R6 credits or via the Apocalypse Packs for 300 R6 Credits or 12,500 Renown.

The event is now active until the 18th of May on all available platforms. However, if you are listening Ubisoft, can we please get another tactical singleplayer/co-op Rainbow Six game which won’t have words like “Renown”, “Apocalypse Packs” and “R6 Credits” associated with it, thanks!

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