When I saw the announcement, it looked like an exciting Zoo Management game on the surface, but the more I read about it, the more I realised that this had a bit of Jurassic Park in it, albeit without the dinosaurs but all the experimentation.

In Let’s Build A Zoo, players can not only create and manage their Zoo and its animals, but also experiment with DNA itself by splicing together different breeds of animals. Seeing various body parts all mangled into one might have been a horror show if not for the charming pixel art.

  • Build your own zoo with over 500 different animals at your disposal, then splice together over 300,000 different animal combinations
  • Keep your animals and your visitors happy, with hundreds of buildings, foliage, path and enclosure decorations
  • Hire the perfect employees to deal with a variety of life events
  • Control everything that happens in your park, from what your animals eat to what eats your animals…
  • Decide whether you want to run your Zoo above board… or break the law and pocket the extra cash

Check it out and wishlist it on Steam!

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