Oculus Quest 2 is easily one of the best VR headsets available on the market and features PCVR support, letting you play a huge library of both native games as well as those found on steam or other platformers on the PC.

Up till now, the only recommended way to play PCVR games was via an official or third-party Link-Cable that connects your Quest 2 headset via a single wire to your PC. Whilst a single cable is a much better experience than most other VR headsets that require an arsenal of connections, most people still wanted to play without wires, tangle-free.

Virtual Desktop was the go-to solution for this, allowing users to stream their PC screens and games over wifi, freeing users from the leash. However, this was not official or free and required access to a third-party remote streaming app for it to work.

Fortunately, in a future update, Quest 2 will be getting official AIRLINK support, which allows users to connect wirelessly to their PC at no extra cost! Do note however, that AIRLINK will launch in a experimental capacity, as it is still in early development and will require users to opt in from the beta settings on the Oculus desktop app.

Experimental 120Hz support will also be introduced in the v28 software update, including a virtual office program, allowing you to map your real-life desk to work in a virtual environment.

Whilst this can mean many things for existing or potential Virtual Desktop users, I do not think this will be a perfect replacement. Virtual Desktop is jam-packed with excellent remote streaming features, allowing you to view your PC screen as well as videos and other forms of media on a big stereoscopic scene. I believe it is essential software for Quest 2 users and will remain so for the foreseeable future!

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