Taking a cue from earlier Zelda games, The Lightbringer’s gameplay focuses on exploring a gorgeously detailed, isometric world full of complex challenges and elusive collectibles. Navigate gloomy dungeons as you gather the Light Motes scattered through the intricately designed stages and cleanse the corrupted monolith at the end of each one to complete the stage. Your faithful boomerang will not only serve as a tool for solve puzzles on your adventure, but will also act as a weapon to fight off the manifestations of corruption you will encounter along the way.

In Centuries past, people’s ability to harness energy from ancient monoliths was corrupted when one of the clans got a taste of greed and kept pushing their monolith for more and more power. Due to their treachery, something malevolent awakened beneath the monolith and began seeping out to the surface corrupting everything in its path.

As time moved on, legends were told of The Lightbringer, a person that will harness the power of light once more and use it to cleanse the corruption to bring back the monoliths. Your older sister was chosen to become the Lightbringer, but during her journey, she was taken by the corruption. Sharing some of her powers and the responsibility to purify the land, the role of Lightbringer now falls upon you.

The Lightbringer will be available for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam later this year!

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