The multiple award-winning Dark Mystery FMV Erica will finally be making its way onto the PC after its initial launch on the Playstation 4, and more recently, iOS.

Erica puts you in the shoes of a woman who after surviving a traumatic childhood, is thrown back into a life of mystery and occultism in her adulthood to solve a mystery which has plagued her. Entirely developed using their patent-pending Touch Video game engine, Flavourworks have brought real life into video game form, allowing the player to interact with objects in the world using their own touch. 

Ground-breaking live-action technology
Immerse yourself in a feature-length cinematic experience where you affect the action playing out on-screen, merging high-fidelity Hollywood production values with engaging, tactile gameplay.

Make key choices via interactive storytelling
Alter the path of the game’s branching narrative by making meaningful decisions that have a profound effect on how the story plays out. Choose how Erica interacts with other characters through conversation, and shape her relationships with them.

A filmic score filled with tension
Get wrapped up in every moment via a haunting soundtrack from Austin Wintory, the award-winning composer of games such as Journey, The Banner Saga 3 and Assassin’s Creed Syndicate.

It’s great news for PC adventure fans especially, as Erica looks like an interesting mystery to solve. will be priced at £9.99/$11.99/€9,99, with a 10% discount on release, and is now available to Wishlist via Steam.

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