In case you might be missing the holiday season already, Watch Over Christmas is a game to keep an eye on with a charming art style, and classic point and click adventure gameplay about a young boy trying to save Christmas.

With Santa abducted and the holidays at stake, twelve year old Cisco must use his wits to save Christmas through a perilious adventure full of challenging puzzles and interesting characters.

Those interested can give the game’s demo a look on Steam, which offers a glimpse into what the game will potentially be like. The developers Dionous Games are aiming for a timely Christmas 2021 release for the title.

Watch Over Christmas Features:

  • Classic 2D point and click style.
  • Unfold a unique story within one night, the night of Christmas.
  • Beautiful Full HD hand-drawn graphics.
  • Fun and challenging puzzles.
  • Original soundtrack.
  • Suitable for all ages as well as novice and experienced adventurers

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