The spiritual successor to the SWAT series seems to be gaining a lot of traction, as Ready or Not has found a publishing home with Team17, an industry leading publisher that will help get the game on the market.

Ready or Not is basically a spiritual sequel to the fantastic SWAT series that a lot of fans have been waiting for. Players will be given specialist equipment and loadouts used by the Armored Police themselves, in order to takedown lethal threat.

What makes the Swat series unique, and by extension Ready or Not, is that the best approach to a situation isn’t always bloodshed, as you are rewarded and encouraged to utilise the best approach and tools in order to pacify the threat, rather than terminate them to prevent civilian damage from the collateral.

Ready or Not Key Features:

  • Tactical Teamwork: Command a squad of operatives and plan how to approach each situation before breaching and clearing
  • More than just guns: Riot shields, mirror guns, smoke grenades, and more can be utilised to prevent or assist with a firefight
  • Civilian safety: The lives of civilians are on the line, and each shot will need to be carefully considered to reduce collateral damage
  • Realism at its core: From bullet penetration to team communication, Ready or Not is built around realistic non-military combat situations
  • Customisation and equipment: Each loadout can be tailored by players, and will dramatically influence chances of success, including guns, attachments, shields, and surveillance tools.

Ready or Not can be wishlisted on Steam, with an Early Access programme to follow for it soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

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