ByteRockers’ Games announced the release date for Insurmountable, a new adventure roguelike about climbing (and surviving) treacherous mountains and harsh environments. While Insurmountable may look like a serene adventure at first glance, nature can be fickle and unforgiving.

Players must manage limited resources, find the optimal route, and face dangers to reach the top of the mountain. If killed by the elements, it’s game over in roguelike fashion and the player has to face the challenge of the mountain all over again.

Whether it’s the lack of oxygen or energy, dwindling mental health, freezing winds, or attacking wildlife, in Insurmountable players must strategically think through each option to ensure their survival, find loot necessary for advancement, and ultimately conquer the mountain. The text-based events present players with real consequences; there are no second chances.

The game will release on April 29 for PC on Steam at a reduced price of €17.99 / $17.99 USD / £17.99. Starting May 6, Insurmountable will be available for purchase at the fixed price of €19.99 / $19.99 / £19.99.  A console release for PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox One X/S will follow later. A console release for Nintendo SWITCH is being considered.

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