The upcoming narrative adventure game has just gotten an updated demo, as well as a brand new release date, revealing just when we can travel to The Fabled Woods, and it will be very soon.

Called “a mysterious narrative short story”, The Fabled Woods looks to be an explorative experience that fans of games like Edith Finch and Gone Home might like. A brand new Demo as mentioned before is also available, that gives us a little tease of the intended experience.

Powered by Unreal Engine and Epic’s Mega Grant, The Fabled Woods features a lush world powered by industry leading technology, whilst supporting interesting usage of fog, lighting, and other effects, thanks to the help of Pumpkin Jack’s creator, Nicolas Meyssonnier, who the developers have just teamed up with.

The Fabled Woods will be available on the 25th of March on Steam, whilst the demo will stay active until the 15th of March.

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