Both the Swat and Doorkickers series are some of the most fun tactical games I have played, each with their unique strengths that help towards creating some great tactics and unique encounters.

Hot Brass looks to be an interesting blend of both, giving you both the top down view and pacing of Doorkickers whilst giving you the co-op and real-time situations of SWAT. The unique thing is that the game’s avatar’s are represented by icons rather than actual people, which gives you a much easier understanding of the weapons being used on the field.

It is a top-down tactical shooter game that mixes action, stealth and strategy. The overall goal is always a peaceful resolution, and completing a perfect mission means zero infractions. As an elite SWAT operator, your mandate is to diffuse dangerous situations without unnecessary loss of life. Going into situations with guns blazing will result in penalizing infractions and your assignment will fail.

Think fast and use your tactics and gadgets to resolve missions and save lives. Players can hone skills solo in single-player or call for backup, with support for up to four players in local or online co-op. It is now available on Steam, with a limited time 20% launch discount, bringing its price to £9.11/$11.99 until the 5th of March.

How do you become an elite SWAT operator? Here are some guidelines to make every mission a success:

  • Be strategic: It’s not easy to think fast in a stressful situation, especially when lives are at risk. In Hot Brass you’ll face difficult decisions that must be made quickly. For example, is it possible to defuse the situation, or is it better to immediately take action? You’ll only complete a perfect mission with zero infractions and zero casualties.
  • Be flexible: There are multiple missions in Hot Brass, each one with its own challenges and solutions. Get ready to change things up by going from a hostage rescue, to a terrorist bomb threat, to foiling a casino heist. You might find success with a fast and forceful approach in one mission, while the next requires a slow, stealthy strategy.
  • Be resourceful: In addition to being flexible in your approach, you’ll also need to be resourceful to achieve peaceful resolutions. Depending on what’s happening on the scene, you may need certain tools or equipment to infiltrate and resolve each situation peacefully. Quick creativity and keeping a keen eye on your surroundings could mean the difference between a perfect and a failed mission. 
  • Be stealthy: Use your surroundings! Staying safe sometimes means using the surroundings to stay undercover. Search carefully and think strategically to find the most advantageous position and approach, whether that’s sneaking through the back door or taking a more “straightforward” approach.

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