FPS Back Compat Hero Image

One of the best thing’s Microsoft has done is supporting their Backwards Compatibility program, allowing their customers to play majority of their backlog without having to re-purchase old games they already have.

This initiative seems to be getting even better, as Microsoft has announced that they will be giving a boost option to a lot of old games, allowing you to play them at up to 120fps.

This new feature is still young, so don’t expect it to work with everything just yet, as with the original launch of the Backwards Compatibility program, only a handful of games are supported, including Far Cry 4, New Super Lucky’s Tale, Sniper Elite 4, UFC 4 and Watch Dogs 2.

From the official Xbox Wire Post:

FPS Back Compat UI Screenshot

This is just the beginning. We will announce and release more titles featuring FPS Boost soon, as well roll out new menu icons and system settings in an upcoming system update. Starting this Spring, you can go into the “Manage Game” section for any title, where you’ll be presented with a new “Compatibility Options” button that will allow you to toggle FPS Boost (as well as Auto HDR) on or off.

There will also be a new indicator informing you when a game is running with FPS Boost whenever you hit the Xbox Button on your controller. You decide how you want to play your favorite games, whether in its original form or with FPS Boost.

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