1C Entertainment the Prague-based developer of games such as Kapital: Sparks of Revolution, The King’s Bounty series and Company of Crime have just announced VED, a story-driven RPG featuring a unique turn-based combat system set in a vivid world full of Magic, charmingly presented in a gorgeous painterly art-style.

In VED, you follow the journey of Kir, a young hero who comes to the city of Micropole in search of a Fresh-start. Where unexpectedly, he discovers that he has the ability to travel between two interconnected worlds full of mysterious flying islands, bizarre creatures and vicious monsters.

Experience an interactive story where each decision matters and help Kir discover the truth about this magical place as both worlds hang by a thread. Key Features:

  • A non-linear story where every decision can lead to irreversible consequences and Distinctive endings.
  • Encounter several factions that have different views on the events taking place. A dynamic system of relationships will allow you to influence the choices of the key characters.
  • Innovative turn-based battle system that lets you use teleportation abilities to your advantage.
  • Create a shelter for yourself and your allies to unlock new skills and abilities.
  • Explore a system of unique interactive events that impose curses or blessings on Kir, which last until the end of his Journey.
  • Listen to a fully orchestrated original soundtrack that will accompany you on your adventure.

VED Is planned to launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and PC Via Steam, in 2022.

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