What if you took Sweeney Todd, changed him from a barber to a fry-cook and switched pies to burgers? Godlike Burger is most likely what you will get, a roguelike dark comedy about serving burgers whose secret ingredient is aliens!

Godlike Burger is a business simulation in the style of the classic Pizza Connection. As the player, you run a burger joint in outer space. Start by setting up the tables, equipment and decor, then get to serving your customers who rush into the restaurant in waves. Unknown to your patrons, the secret ingredient in your burgers is the customers themselves!

  • Your Restaurant. Your space-diner has plenty of parking, lots of seating, bathrooms and everything you need to bring in customers.
  • Your Food. It’s the tastiest in the galaxy because it’s made from the most delicious ingredients: the customers themselves! 
  • Cooking. Different alien races want their burgers done their way. This means each race wants different meats and sauces. Cook to order and meet the demands of your exacting alien clientele.
  • Daytime Gameplay. During the day, customers arrive in waves seeking delicious food, placing orders and demanding good service. Keep them happy or they’ll get annoyed and leave before you have the chance to turn them into burgers.
  • Nighttime Gameplay. Each evening you spend time upgrading your restaurant, setting up the menu, managing the business or flying it to new parts of the galaxy. Managing a business
  • Harvest Ingredients. Hidden Traps allow you to kill your customers unnoticed and when the traps fail, pull out your cleaver and collect the tastiest cuts of meat you need to build burgers.
  • Avoid Detection. Space cops are a suspicious bunch and can be alerted by escaped customers or may spot wrongdoings if they drop by for a burger. Don’t get caught or you’ll get closed down.

Godlike Burger is set to enter Early Access on Steam in the first half of 2021. Check it out on Steam.

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