When we first covered PRIM, we were in love with its artstyle, and how well it captured the dark humor of Tim Burton‘s work, whilst standing out as something interesting on its own.

The developer behind the game has just announced that a free demo will be coming to Steam and itch-io on the 2nd of February, but those who are part of the game’s official mailing list will be getting it much sooner! By sooner, we totally mean next week, on the 19th. So, be sure to sign up to their mailing list on the official website in order to recieve your download instructions when it is time.

PRIM is a point and click adventure game that sees players take on the role of death’s daughter through creepy-but-cute locations. In it, our titular protagonist tries to cross into the realm of the living without her father’s permission. She does so to help a boy who has been crying for help in her dreams. It is being developed by CMMN CLRS (pronounced Common Colours).

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