One of the most popular games without a doubt at the moment is Among Us, a game basically about Deception and Sabotage. Project Winter follows a similar premise, although with a more in-depth gameplay system.

The game throws up to eight players into an isolated and freezing wilderness, where they have been cut off from all comms. As such, players will not only have to face the elements themselves, but also traitors amongst them who can lie, sabotage and murder their way to victory.

Project Winter is a pioneer in the massively popular social deception game genre combining familiar game mechanics such as crafting and resource gathering with hidden-role gameplay for an intriguing and challenging experience.

New Xbox players will have access to the same features as PC players in their quest for survival and escape; including text chat, emotes and proximity voice channels. No matter what platform they’re playing on, the icy and unforgiving wilderness of Project Winter provides a challenge filled with sabotage, betrayal and starving grizzly bears.

Project Winter is available now on Steam and will be available on Xbox consoles and the Windows 10 Store on January 26th, 2021 as well as a free download on Xbox Game Pass.

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