Originally having released for PCVR, the interesting 3D-Platformer Glyph, has now made its way onto the Nintendo Switch. It gives you control over a robotic scarab that can not only fly but also transform into a ball, giving you unique opportunities of momentum based on how you combine its two different strengths.

Precision and timing seems to be the key with this game as you puzzle your way through everything from vast open deserts, to great ancient ruins. The twist is that these platforms are suspended in air, and you should prevent the scarab from falling off. It reminds me a lot of the old Super Monkey Ball series, which is a definitely a breath of fresh air these days.

Glyph is now available on the Nintendo eShop, whilst the day one update has been delayed to the first of February, which is meant to add extra polish, a final boss fight as well as general bug fixes. In which case, it does feel like it will be better off waiting to play the game until then for the best experience.

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