The open-world air combat game, The Falconeer has been generally quite well liked by a lot of people, giving us the reigns to majestic and deadly warbirds! The game is only about to get even better, as brand new content update has been unveiled.

The Kraken is a free content update that delivers entirely new exploration and discovery experiences for players, including new locations; The Cartohom Cartographers guild and the Batis Wreckdiver company. Cartohom will offer exploration missions for players to discover even more of the vast world and lore to be unlocked in The Great Ursee, while the Batis are an ancient guild of master divers, plotting missions that will take players below the waves to recover wrecks and discover ancient treasures of the deep.

Tomas Sala (the developer) intends to release further DLC updates throughout 2021 that will significantly expand the scale and depth of the already impressive world of The Falconeer.

The Falconeer is available on the PC and Xbox priced at £24.99, $29.99 and €29.99. Those with a console gamepass subscription can download the game at no extra cost.

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