Hardspace: Shipbreaker is one of the better early access titles, and is already quite promising with what it achieves and aims to implement. Things are about to get only better with a brand new “Business is Booming” Update.

The update rolls out the Javelin ship archetype, offering a totally new challenge with a drastically different look and feel from Hardspace’s previous vessels. With most of its features externally exposed along the ship’s spine, you’ll need to completely rethink your salvaging approach.

Meanwhile, the new Demo Charge tool adds even more options to your arsenal, giving you an explosive that can be placed or thrown freely before remote detonation. This comes in addition to a revamp of the tool durability system, as well as a variety of QOL updates and fixes.

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is available now on Steam Early Access, with limited-time special discounts for the base game and OST bundle. A launch on consoles is in development for a later date.

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