This is a piece of news that may come as a disappointment to a lot of people, especially after Xbox has been aggressively promoting EA Play’s long awaited inclusion on the PC version of Game Pass, which was meant to go live yesterday.

In a recent update, Xbox has confirmed that EA Play will now be coming sometimes next year, with more news planned early next year. This doesn’t have any impact on EA Play’s service on Console, and users can continue using that as normal.

Whilst it would be understandable to put the blame for this on technical issues, with PCs being a much bigger ecosystem than consoles, the indefinite nature of the delay does point to potentially bigger issues. Could it be that EA is getting cold feet, or trying to draw up a new agreement, or vice versa? Or could it be that EA might be hoping to secure the holiday sales window for games like Jedi Fallen Order. It’s all speculation at this point.

Game Pass is without a doubt, a great service, but the PC version does not have parity with its console counterpart. A lot of the big name games either come delayed or not at all, which can be a bit disappointing to some.

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