I randomly came across the first Nobodies game on Android, and due to how good its art style was, decided to download it. It was such a great decision to do so! I found myself absolutely hooked to its interesting gameplay flow.

Nobodies: After Death is going to take things even further with even better art, unique mechanics and puzzles to solve. In Nobodies, you are tasked with the cleanup of government-sanctioned assassinations.

The most interesting thing about Nobodies was how you had to experiment to find the best way to dispose of the bodies and had to think logically about what repercussions each step could take, in order to deal with them before they become a problem.

We hope After Death is just as fun, with interesting scenarios that build up and improve on the first game. It is currently planned for Steam Q4 2021. You can check out the first one here, which we wholeheartedly recommend. 

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