Open Roads was easily one of the best reveals during The Game Awards this year, but what stood out the most was just how brilliant and unique its art style looked.

The game seems to feature 3D rendered backgrounds with more traditional 2D animated characters. We genuinely cannot recall any other game that has featured a similar art style in recent years. It looks absolutely striking, and we are excited to see how it actually plays in-game.

Open Roads follows 16-year-old Tess and her mother, Opal as they embark on a journey to find out more about their legacy by visiting abandoned family structures. Each place holds a buried memory that Opal has tried for years to forget.

It will feature an interactive dialogue system that will help develop the story and give unique insights into the lives of the mother-daughter duo. It also comes with a star-studded cast including Keri Russel of The Americans fame, as well as Kaitlyn Dever who was a part of both Uncharted 4 and Booksmart.

Open Roads will be available on both PC and consoles in 2021, and is being made by Gone Home and Tacoma developers, Fullbright.

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