Do you like Trampolines? What about shooting at things? Maybe even competing against someone? What if I told you, you could do all of that at the same time in this Trampoline based 2D fighting game.

Sporting a charming artstyle, Denki Bounce is a blend between fighting games and shooters where players must shoot projectiles at their opponents whilst dodging their attacks, and evading environmental modifiers. The first person to run out of health loses, and the other wins!

Whilst on surface level it might look easy to pick up and play, I can see its potential in becoming something highly competitive and addictive. You can currently wishlist it on Steam.

There is no doubt, that with the wide availability of development tools, a lot of interesting games are being made! It’s even more impressive to see this is being made by a group of 2 brothers, who represent Kasa On.

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