Planet Coaster is a game with limitless possibilities, with users able to create some of the most imaginative original rides with the in-depth tools the game offers. To improve that experience even more, the game will be getting a Spooky & Adventurous pack.

The spooky side of the bundle will launch with two new dark rides, spine-chilling scenery and building pieces. It will also introduce an eerie entertainer, King Ghoster. The Spooky Pack provides players with everything they need to build a frighteningly good coaster park.

Those looking to inject a little more adventure into their parks can heed the call of the wild and hit the jungle trail with the Adventure Pack. Boasting a thrilling new coaster, two new water-based attractions, jungle-inspired scenery and building pieces, and queen of the jungle herself, entertainer Renee Feu, thrill seekers are well equipped to transform their parks into glorious lands of mystery.

Both packs contain an abundance of fresh scenery. With piece-by-piece construction, players can position, rotate, and intersect any object in the game, designing the coaster park of their dreams. They can also choose from a wide variety of blueprints, adding pre-made scenery, decorations, and animatronics to their parks.

From risky rope brides to all manner of jungle fauna, many of the pieces here are versatile enough to fit in any park, ready to be shaped, positioned, and customised. These can be shared via the consoles Frontier Workshop feature, where you can share and download custom creations.

Planet Coaster is now available for the Playstation 4 as well as Xbox One, whose versions also work with their next-gen counterparts. You can also download the game on Steam for PC, which has had these packs for a while now.

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